Infatuation, Lust & All The Good Stuff

What is love? We all have a different perception on what defines love.

Some say love is a feeling, some say it is a state of mind, but all in all it is a psychological necessity to love and be loved.

Love is like beauty, its different in each eye of the beholder. Love can come in different shapes and forms. There is puppy love, young love, mature love, weak love, strong love, family love, self-love and of course lust.

Puppy love? Yes. The love that’s never painful and so innocent. Although puppy love may fade away, that isn’t always the case. Puppy love is like the love I have for my dog. It is pure, innocent, and never hurtful. Love shouldn’t hurt, however, love isn’t always beautiful. Puppy love is the most flawless form of love, the happiest because it doesn’t normally cause heartbreak.

Young love, ahh, the times when it’s okay to be spontaneous and rebellious for the one you love. This is the most free-willing love. The kind of love that doesn’t worry about the problems of tomorrow because time is so invested in how great things are right in that exact moment. The kind of love that needs to be experienced and cherished.

Mature love, the kind of love that develops after years of experience with trial and error. Mature love is serious, yet fun. Mature love regrets young love but is also grateful for the lessons young love taught. Mature love is a balance. Like business and pleasure, serious and fun. Mature love makes it so worth it. That “grow old together: kind of love.

Weak love is the kind of love that doesn’t last because one gave in and caved into temptation and pressure. Whether it is cheating, losing interest or just not willing to put in effort. Weak love is exactly what it says, weak. This love is not able to stand through obstacles of life.

Strong love, yeah the love that can stand the test of time and rises above all obstacles that may be thrown its way. The kind of love that bonds between two souls that are equally devoted and put forth the effort as well as receive the great gifts that love has to offer. Strong love overcomes the tough, builds stronger bonds, and teaches that above all else, love is important and fragile.

Family love and self-love are often overlooked, yet they are the most important. Starting with family love: the kind of love that is experienced through immediate family, as well as friends that we choose to keep close in life. This is the love that supports us at our worsts, brings us up when we are down, the kind of love that rallies behind you when you feel like you are alone. This is the kind of love that starts prior any other love. Now self-love. This is one of the most crucial. Self-love is vital in a personal’s self-image and proper development. One must first love themselves before they will ever be able to fully love someone else. This is the love that tells us to move on because we deserve better. This love also is what tells us that we are capable of so much more than we can even image. We can do what you think and so much more because self-love doesn’t sell ourselves short.

And finally, lust. Yes, lust. This is a form of love because it is so commonly confused with love. Lust is “butterflies in my stomach, giddy like a school girl and dancing around like an idiot” kind of feeling. We think it is love, but this only lasts for a short period of time and usually ends in disaster, not exactly the way we planned. Lust happens so fast that we forget to stop and think that it might just be too good to be true. Lust is what attracts and sometimes in a weak moment or even in a weak love, we base our feelings ad decisions off of. That is why it doesn’t work out. Lust is associated with weak love. Lust can be a good thing for keeping the flame alive with the right person. Lust isn’t all bad and is important in love.

Love may have a different definition depending on the individual answering. All love stories are unique and important in how we react and develop as people. Love shapes us into the people we are and will become.Love, regardless of definition, is a psychological need in all of us and that is what bonds us together. Love isn’t always roses and daisies. There are days when love is ugly and you’re upset with a spouse or child. You may temporarily dislike a loved one and that is ok. Love is a beautiful thing, it can teach us lessons and even create a beautiful bond. Love is love regardless.



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